The production and distribution of Ederplast Tapes includes technical adhesive tapes in Dorno, that are used for different application in many sectors.
The production of Ederplast Tapes includes special adhesive tapes that are used for various applications in different industries.

  • adhesive tapes in smooth or semi-smooth paper for mirrors and glasses protection
  • adhesive tapes in crepe paper for maskings, wall coverings, car bodies
  • adhesive tapes strongly crepe paper for sealing bags containing powders
  • adhesive tapes in fabric for exhibitions stands and carpets edging
  • adhesive tapes with PE support, conformable, insulating, resistant for edgings
  • adhesive tapes with PPL support, unidirectional, for packaging

The continuous research for new and advanced solutions has enabled the company to grow exponentially over the years and to extend the range of products which today is able to guarantee to its customers. In Ederplast you will find a big united family that for 50 years has been working to always offer the best performing products to be found on the market. Please contact us about the technical adhesive tapes in Dorno. For further information write us an email or fill in the on line form and a staff member will contact you as soon as possible to provide all the necessary information. To contact Ederplast Tapes is always the best choice.

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