Present in the distribution and production market of adhesive tapes for more than 50 years, Ederplast tapes in Dorno is engaged in the production and the distribution of industrial tapes.
Thanks to continuous investment policy and research, the company now ranks among the most important Italian companies specialized in the production of technical adhesive tapes.
The company has succeeded in technological innovation, research and development that are real strength points in order to conquer and satisfy the demands from the target markets. Specifically, the company is engaged in the footwear industry as well as dielectric, graphic, pharmaceutical, sports and the one relating to exhibitions stands. These sectors require, because of their far-reaching, not only professionalism and competence, but also constant updating and renewal, so the professionalism and experience of Ederplast tapes in Dorno, together with the continuous updating, is the ideal choice.

The tapes that are produced Ederplast Tapes S.r.l. in Dorno may have, according to different customer needs, various types of support such as:

  • paper;
  • polyester;
  • nylon;
  • cardboard;

And all use adhesives with natural rubber.
The clients with which works the company are for the 70% from the Italian market and 30% from abroad. Outside the country it trades a lot with Europe and South America, where the business is in a particular and constant development.
Ederplast tapes S.r.l. In Dorno produces and distributes the following products:

  • tapes for footwear
  • double-sided adhesive tapes
  • dielectric tapes
  • pharmaceutical tapes
  • technical tapes

For more information regarding the composition of the tapes, the materials used and the processes used to create the tapes, or to learn more about the prices please contact the company filling the form or calling. An expert of Ederplast tapes in Dorno will always be available to provide all the necessary support.

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